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Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Cutting Machine
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Detail Specifications of Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Cutting Machine fully employs its movement controlling capacity to improve the laser processing effect. We always focus on the service to site processing in all considerations of software, mechanical structure, electric performance and accessory selection. The stability, precision and rapidity of our product will conduct to be the first class standard under any sound quality management system in any factory. The Laser Cutting Machine has been the best carrier of laser processing in industrial sites.


Laser power :


Resolution ratio:


Minimum shaping character:

China Character 2x2mm



Power supply:


Location precision:


Number of hanged line:


Gross power:


Operating temperature:


Operating humidity:

5%-95% (Free of condensed water)

Graphic format supported:


The Laser Cutting Machine with double laser heads employs two laser tubes and two laser heads in the same time. It can be used in lot processing of applique embroidery, with less cost, double efficiency rate and better cutting quality.

Fast curvilinear cutting function: It can cut via any curve fast and consecutively. The laser heads moving in beautiful arc just evoke your imagination of top grade racing car.

Optical attenuation compensation function: The optimized optical system, and the digital laser control ensure the consistency of every working areas.

Multi-document function: This machine can memorize as much as 128 working documents, so the customers can easily complete the lot production of 128 different kinds of products without connection to the computer.
Under interference killing features, the Optical coupling isolation system cooperated with high speed differential output and input, will not produce aberrant signal even in long distance transferring. Our system has achieved 12-way work state output and 16-way input, which can be connected to the production site easily

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