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Phaeton Digital Printer UD-3208G

Phaeton Digital Printer UD-3208G
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Detail Specifications of Phaeton Digital Printer UD-3208G

This Model is Discontinued

1)Seiko Instrument Group SPT printhead, 510 nozzles per printhead.
2) The voltage of the printhead is able to adjust automatically depending on the temperature. This will solve the problem on nozzle clogging under huge temperature change.
3)The function of skipping white space is added to increase productivity.
4)The adjustment of bi-direction, step and carriage moving speed can be modified during printing.
5)Edge feather function can blur the pass line and feather pass edge.
6)Well designed alloy-aluminum girder is installed to decrease the noise during printing. Achieve the perfect quiet working environment.
7)Photoprint / Maintop / Wasatch softwareprovide user-friendly interface and handy function with two types of printing.
8)100% single color black is used on printing black text to avoid mixture of color.
9)Control system has the function of resuming printing after the power is cut off. This helps you to save unnecessary loss of cost.
10)The powerful suction fans equipped under the printing platform to avoid the collision between the carriage and the media, high resolution can be obtained

Product Model




Number of Printhead

8 Heads / 4 Heads

Maximum Print Width


Output (m2/h)

Print mode

Standard Output (m2/h)

360x360 1 pass


240x720 2 pass


240x1080 3 pass


360x1080 3 pass


720x720 4 pass



Type :

Solvent Ink / Mild Solvent Ink

Color :

4 Colors( C , M , Y , K )

Capacity :

1L or 5L per Main Tank of Each Color

Ink Supply System :

Low Ink Detector, Auto or Manual Ink Supply System


Width :


Type :

Vinyl,Flex,Polyester,Back-lit Film,Window Film,etc

Auto Media Feeding System

Equipped ( Max. Media Weight 80kg )

Auto Cleaning System

Individual Positive Pressure Cleaning

Anti-clogged Flash Function & Capping System

Pre-heating & Drying System




Print Interface

Optical Fiber

Printhead Height

2 to 6 mm Above Media Adjustable

RIP Software

Maintop , UltraPrint , PhotoPrint , Topaz , Wasatch , Caldera

Input Power

AC 220V ,50Hz/60Hz

Machine Dimension

L4600 x W820 x H1320 mm Net Weight : 482Kg

Package Dimension

L4650 x W970 x H1600 mm Gross Weight : 770Kg

Operation Environment

Temperature : 20℃—28℃ Humidity : 40%—60%

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